It is a luxury! Hiring an interior designer is an expensive endeavor. It is a luxury, not a necessity, though you will find that it more than pays for itself in the savings from a costly mistake, even once.

The most important aspects to consider are the following (and not necessarily in this order): Work Ethic and Resources, Design and Concept, and Budget.

In regards to work ethic, Roxanne gives each project her full attention, taking on only what she can design and oversee personally. Every detail is important on every project so she gages her projects accordingly.
One of the elements a great designer does is make it seem effortless (and doesn't bother the client when issues come up, but solves them). Roxanne and her team are no exception. But make no mistake, each aspect of design/build takes hundreds of hours.

Aside from the talent and passion for design that Roxanne possesses, her invaluable list of resources make her valuable beyond simply the design and concept. Over the years she has built relationships with honest, ethical, hardworking tradespeople. These craftsmen have proven, over the years, their attention to detail, willingness to perform on schedule their craft with great flair and originality.

They include hand-beaders, leather painters, embroiderers, bench-made furniture crafters, upholsterers, blacksmiths, silversmiths, glass etchers, chandelier designers and tile setters.

Honesty with budget is also imperative for the designer to be able to state whether or not the goals can be achieved for the home the client wants within the framework of the budget. The designer will either say it can be achieved or not, adjustments that can be made, or alternatives found.

Designing is a job that conceptually is done at the beginning. Agreed that it evolves and things can change over time, but the initial concept and many of the major materials are selected in the beginning.

Furniture selections aren't usually made until midway or later in the project, but key pieces are acquired and designed around. Artwork and flooring are also kept in mind. This is why a design fee is collected in full at the beginning of the project.

To make the project much more enjoyable and cut out the surprises, Roxanne does not charge an hourly fee. The fee is paid upfront. Most items are charged on a retail-style basis. Almost all pieces sourced for projects are one of a kind, so each client's home is truly an original.

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